Saturday, January 9, 2010

Out Of This World

Yesterday my mom, my sister Natalia and I went to the Space Museum. Then we found out that the museum would be closed for another 2 and a half hours because of a Russian New Years party for orphans. Luckily a few days before mom saw a newspaper article saying that right behind the Space Museum there is a exhibit of space related ice sculptures. Here is a list of the 3 most <> ice sculptures:
  1. A balcony-like platform on a hill with a slide
  2. A ladder attached to a round shaped U.F.O sculpture you can climb into with an alien standing next to the U.F.O and ladder
  3. A maze and then at the end of the maze a slide
The exhibit is open until the 1st of March so I will be writing about the different ice sculptures soon.

Enjoy this alien-colored writing!


  1. I'm sure you all are looking forward to going back when you have your heavy winter gear and can climb up in the sculptures and go down the slides. Looks like fun.

    I miss you Boo!

  2. Katya, I think you close your polls too quickly. I loved the Hannah Montana movie.

    I think that sled looks SO much fun! And I'm really glad the orphans got to go to the museum.


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